Foot Massager

Okay here is a super simple spindle project! It literally took me 15 minutes from roughing to finishing with taking pictures. The wife is a fan and was actually fun.

First. Picked a block of walnut. 2x2x7. Marked the ends for center

Mounted on my Rikon

Next roughed it to round

Shaping. Here I tried to minic the simple curves I'd seen on one of these in a catalog. Very easy flowing curves.

Refined and sanded. Wasn't sure about sanding after grooving. I might skip this next time.

Started the grooves on one side with a 1/4 spindle gouge. This is my one regret. I should have gone deeper and made the peaks sharper. The next one will totally be a more aggressive valley mountain look.

Still it came out pretty good. Having sharper peaks might also help with consistency. As would practice!

Friction polish. Seems almost silly seeing as it will soon stink of dirty feet...

Parting cuts and a horrible glare. Sorry!

finished piece. This was in use about 5 minutes after coming inside. Again. This project is wife approved!

EDIT: Here is attempt #3. Much more to my liking...

Notice the wife's sock fuzz...


  1. Hey, This looks like a fun project. You made it look very easy. I can see why your wife put it into service immediately. Sorry you can't make it to Fresno.

  2. Cindy-

    Thanks for stopping by. I assure you, it is extremely easy! and dead useful!

    My friend and I enjoyed the meeting and are planning to attend the next one. Chico is just a bit too far for us! :)