Black Light Bangle From Black Locust!

I think you've all come to expect something a bit odd from me. This is project will be no exception.

Black locust naturally fluoresces under a black light! There are no camera tricks used, or any special treatment done to the wood itself. It's just the property of this wood.

Amazing Wood Bending Technique!

Would you like to see how easy it is to bend wood like a slinky?

The trick to this technique is all about the setup, and once you've got that down the possibilities are near endless! I saw a band saw cut vase on a woodworking forum that I frequent, that lead me back to the work of Seth Rolland. I was amazed that I'd never seen any of his work until now.

Making The Drunken Cutting Board!

This is my first cutting board. An interesting pattern emerges from the flowing "S" shape and works really well with the high contrast of maple and walnut.