Turned Walnut Box

A Photo Guide:

My 1/2 roundnose scraper. This is my only hollowing tool

Roughed to cylinder and then added a 1/8 tenon on each end.

Used parting tool to separate lid from base. (Finished cut on band saw)

Mounted lid in chuck and scraped out lid.

Applied Mylands to inside.

Used scraper to hollow out base. This took a bit of time...

Sanded inside...for what felt like hours!

Applied Mylands to inside.

Added the top and taped seam and shaped the outside to my liking.

Replaced tape with a paper towel wedged inside box lid. Held fine and was easier to sand.

Sanded, sanded and sanded. Finished box with beesax and parted off base from chuck.

Finished next to my first box attempt. That lid was pitched across the room at 1200 RPM's

Oh look! It opens....

Here's my latest one:

Shallow Box

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