Shallow Walnut Box


Productive & Filthy

The table saw is properly aligned, 45* jig completed, planer knives replaced and my band saw motor has been moved to insure better performance.

Don't tell my wife about her cream bath towels...

The Burl Bowl Beat

Cool Chunk of claro walnut burl

Soaked in CA

Rocks and burl

More burl and a void emerge

Rough hollowing

Shearing scrape

Sanding started

Started on the bottom

The blank went for a short flight...

I'd like to claim it was an unstable bowl but that was not the case. It was a stupid mistake on my part. I was turning down the nib at the very end of the processed when I rubbed the tool edge and got a catch. the bowl came out the cole jaws hit the tool rest and flew straight up. I was then showered in burl bowl pieces. It was spectacular!

I was so upset I could barely think straight. I only found two pieces and have no idea where the other 60% of them are.

Now... I understand these things happen and I just need to chuck up another block

Sharp Idea

Just saw this for the first time today...

Rules for the Workshop:

Step 1. Check to make sure your tools are sharp.
Step 2. If you are still having trouble, go back to step 1.