Paint Shavings Hair Clip

I can't stand it, I'm going up to Carl Jacobson's shop to get some automotive paint shavings, AKA Fordite or Detroit agate!

 It occurred to me that one of the really neat things you could do with wood was to steam it and bend it. Could you do the same thing to resin? I wasn't sure I'd seen anyone do that yet...

So I figured I would give it a go.

First step is to pour the resin, and mix in the paint chips:

Once it has dried over night, it's just a matter if making a mold for it. I simply cut a nice cure at the band saw in a block of wood.

I then took my heat gun and began applying even heat over the surface of the casting. It only took about 5 minutes and it was quite warm and very soft.

Add some clamping pressure and wait for the resin to cool 

Cut a pleasing shape at the band saw and refine it at the belt sander. Or by hand if you have the time....

I then polished up through the grits all the way to 12000

                               A dab of hot glue to hold on the clip and you are ready to go!

 In all honestly it was a pretty simple project, but the amazing color of the paint chips from Carl Jacobson, coupled with the pleasing curve, really made this one of my favorite builds. 

Or maybe it was just so much fun to get to do a video with Carl! 

Carl Jacobson video: :
Carl's YouTube Channel:

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