How To Make A Death Star Christmas Ornament

Sure there are lots of iconic and memorable films out there, but when is the last one that actually change your outlook on the world? Every man I've ever met has had a secret fantasy that some old codger would find him one day, hand him a laser sword and explain he was the last person in the galaxy with the ability to save the universe from total destruction.

How To Make A Shot Glass With HDPE

This is my second HDPE project, and it was just a quickie. With materials sourced from milk jugs and coffee containers I turn a shot glass.

How To Make An Retro HDPE Wall Clock

I recently melted down some milk jugs and bottle tops to make a colorful block of material. I began pondering what I could do with it! This was the first I idea that grabbed me. A HDPE wall clock!

How To Recycle HDPE Plastic The Easy Way

After spending 2 hours cutting up a single milk bottle with kitchen shears, I knew I couldn't do it again.

 I felt like a late night infomercial and may have actually uttered the phrase, "There has to be a better way!"

How To Make A TRON Data Disc

Just don't let the MCP know what you're up to, or might just find yourself fighting for your life on the game grid....

How To Make A Three Position Box

The Bell Systems three position stool was a mainstay of the central telecom office. It was typically constructed from red oak and 2 inch screws. It was a was a real workhorse, just what I need...