How to Make A Shop Towel Bottle Stopper

What's absorbent, blue and covered in epoxy? Yep! A Shop Towel Bottle Stopper.

I think I might have a problem...

Whenever I have a little extra resin I pour it into mold just for experiment. This is the leftovers from about 3 other projects.

While I was sanding the white slurry of plastic residue got into every nook and cranny of this project. Be thankful that I spared you have to watching me blow it with the air and then resort to picking it out with an awl. It took a bit.

I also tried something else new, which was adding lacquer after sanding through 12000 grit with the micro mesh. I like the effect, and it also helped to add a glossy finish to all the voids I couldn't reach with while on the lathe!

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