Filling the Void

I had two really cool projects for last week! Flipping awesome ideas that jumped into my head and wouldn't let me go. I love it when that happens, and I even had a head start on Thursday night plus a ton of free time on Friday to make it all happen!

So I made a silly video with the intention of uploading something of substance the next morning...

Just as a side note, this is now my most disliked video EVER! :)

So the next day, I destroyed my project. It wasn't just a little glitch. Or even a redesign moment. It was about 5 hours that I could just have spend counting the spiders webs in my shop...

Into the circular file. No biggie. I got a back up project...

Enter 2:00 on Sunday afternoon. I was halfway through my awesome log project when I realized that I had forgotten something. Mainly the fact that I had NOTHING in the shop capable of powering through 12 inches of dry log end grain. Seriously Peter.

What was I thinking?!

Enter void filler #2.

So there you have it. The official excuse blog!

 I've got two really cool ideas in my head again this week. Oh and I went and did something CRAZY.
I made prototypes!

Yea, I will have some substance coming!