Copper Penny Serving Tray

Restoration projects can be very fun. Taking something with little value and modifying it. I take a garage sale TV tray and add 391 pennies, epoxy and a 12" length of copper pipe. No table saw, no band saw and no lathe. This is a basic tool build project!

$.50 TV tray from a garage sale.

The Cheapskate Woodworker

When it comes to spending money in the shop I'm as thrifty as they come. It's true I hate spending money, by mostly because I don't have any.

Wooden Money Clip

I've been carrying a wooden money clip for about 20 years or so. It's nice to not have to lug a wallet along for everything. You can get an ID, credit card and some bills in there with no trouble, and it fits in your front pocket where it is much harder to get picked!

Free Floating TARDIS

This is a free floating TARDIS desk ornament. It hangs suspended in time and space as if flying in the time vortex. Perhaps off to some Dalek infested back alley someone in Cardiff...

Wooden Circle of Death

A wooden chakram made from maple and mercilessly hurled in the oncoming enemy hordes... and watermelons!