A Pear Tree In The Shop

A co-worker downed a pear tree after it was damaged in a storm.

I happened to overhear the conversation and quipped, "If you want to part with some, I'll make you a bowl from some of the wood."

He was generous enough to part with all of the wood. My shop is full of pear!

I've already rough turned about 3 bowls. I Have acres to go!

Thank heavens for Achorseal...

Free Table Flip

Found another  free table on Craigslist. It was in pretty rough shape, with a nasty discolored area from an ashtry and a crack in the table top.

I ripped the top at the crack and then jointed the boards and glued up the panel. I then took a peek at the trestle. The top was secured with screws that left no room for movement in the top. So I slotted a few holes and re-attached the boards in a way that would allow the top to expand and contract again without cracking.

Lastly I made some wedges for the cross member on the trestle stand. This added a ton of stability.

After sanding the top down I was going to re-stain it to match the bottom, but I thought it really looked good as it was. So I put two coats of shellac on the base and 4 coats of poly on top and posted it back on craigslist. 

I have someone coming to look at it tonight...

EDIT: And they took it home with them. It was a fun and simple flip and now I have some more green in my pocket. 

Shop Closure

The gift shop that I sell my bottle stoppers in is closing their doors. Too sad. It was a cool little shop.

I stopped by today and picked up my stoppers and displays. I now get to go through the rather ego weary process of finding another shop to sell them in.

Wish me luck!