Bar Stool Restore

I just finished a quick restore on a set of Lyra bar stools. These are really cool bar stools, and are both pretty and comfortable.

I received them in very rough shape. They were left outside for a couple of years before they came to my woodshop.

 I restored them as best I could, but they still have some places on the seat top that shows the wear. That being said they now have a cool look to them. I spray painted the bottom black and sanded then oiled the seat. I really liked the way they turned out. 

Simple Hair Clips From Shop Scraps

First, I started by re-sawing some cutoffs and turning blocks I had around the shop.

I passed each piece through the planer to give it a good gluing surface. The arranged the pieces and glued them together.

After the glue dried I drew a simple surfboard shape and spray glued it to the blank. Took this too the band saw and roughed it out.

I sanded the front profile and then brought it back to the band saw to cut off a "slice" about 1/8 inch thick.

I got 4 barrettes from this blank

I sanded the back and then glued on the clips. I found the clips on online, for a few bucks.

I think epoxy would be a better choice over hot glue.

Finished with 4 coats of poly and shined up at the buffing wheel. 

Simple Key Rack

My wife wanted a new key holder for our office. Something simple and modern.

She had me cut up some pine, paint it while and hang them on the wall in uneven symmetry (They all all 4" wide and 4" apart)

The just add some white cup hooks and keys.

Couldn't have been easier and it looks great!

Industrial Aluminum Table

This table is made from a re-purposed oak base and a hunk of aluminum that was polished up and given a new life.

The table measures 26" in diameter and 22" high. There are 6 polished bolt heads attached around the perimeter. The base is painted in satin black and the top has three coats of a clear enamel for protection.

Oval Table

Pine, Cherry & Pipe

Pine was reclaimed from my daughters crib slats

Cherry base turned on lathe

Making Shavings

Roughing out some pear blanks

Where is my bowl gouge?! 

I'm going to need a bigger bench... 

3 Pear Bowls

 Pear Bowl #1



 Pear Bowl #2


Pear Bowl #3



Selling off tools

I'm officially moved. The upside is a dedicated shop in the rear of the house with nothing but my stuff. The downside is that this dedicated space, is quite a bit smaller than my 2 car garage was, and I don't have room for all my tools.

But I'm determined to make it work... As such I've reneged on one of my cardinal rules: "never sell power tools." Sort of a never say die, when it comes to woodworking.

So as of this weekend 3 of my iron pals, went off to new owners.

Craftsman 12" band saw
Rockwell 6" Jointer

Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Saw

I know it was the right decision, and I've still got pretty cramped quarters, but workable. The dust collector might have to re assigned a new owner, but the table saw, 14" band saw, lathe and drill press are staying firmly planted...

We will remain vigilant!

Moving Shop

My shop is all packed up. I'm moving on this weekend and the garage that has been my only woodworking space will be used for something boring and utilitarian like storage or parking by the new owner.

I'm sure I will be leaving him copious amounts of sawdust in the rafters and layered on the springs of the garage door mechanism. I'm excited about laying out my new shop, but I'm already strangely sentimental about the shop where I first learned the joys of woodworking, woodturning and machine restorations. 

It's been a good little shop. A bit chaotic and cobbled together. I re-arranged it only to squeeze in a new tool I had just scored on craigslist. I never got the dust collection finished, and rarely could find my pencil when I needed it but I almost always enjoyed the time spend working wood.

I'm very excited to layout a new shop and get it set up just so...

Walnut Plate

This is my first plate. It is from a chunk of walnut firewood that I re-sawed and then glued together to make a 7" blank. I accidentally flipped the ends while gluing so I botched the bookmark. Still, came out okay.

7 7/8" in  diameter 5/8" high. Finished with wipe on poly. 

Added a ridge around the edge
Very nice curl on the walnut
Finished with the donut chuck.

A Pear Tree In The Shop

A co-worker downed a pear tree after it was damaged in a storm.

I happened to overhear the conversation and quipped, "If you want to part with some, I'll make you a bowl from some of the wood."

He was generous enough to part with all of the wood. My shop is full of pear!

I've already rough turned about 3 bowls. I Have acres to go!

Thank heavens for Achorseal...

Free Table Flip

Found another  free table on Craigslist. It was in pretty rough shape, with a nasty discolored area from an ashtry and a crack in the table top.

I ripped the top at the crack and then jointed the boards and glued up the panel. I then took a peek at the trestle. The top was secured with screws that left no room for movement in the top. So I slotted a few holes and re-attached the boards in a way that would allow the top to expand and contract again without cracking.

Lastly I made some wedges for the cross member on the trestle stand. This added a ton of stability.

After sanding the top down I was going to re-stain it to match the bottom, but I thought it really looked good as it was. So I put two coats of shellac on the base and 4 coats of poly on top and posted it back on craigslist. 

I have someone coming to look at it tonight...

EDIT: And they took it home with them. It was a fun and simple flip and now I have some more green in my pocket. 

Shop Closure

The gift shop that I sell my bottle stoppers in is closing their doors. Too sad. It was a cool little shop.

I stopped by today and picked up my stoppers and displays. I now get to go through the rather ego weary process of finding another shop to sell them in.

Wish me luck!