Lift Lid Boxes

I recently made some lift lid boxes. I really like this style of box. The boxes are 3" in all dimensions. That equals about 2 inches of useable space inside. Perfect for jewelry or a small treasure, that needs safe keeping!

Both of the cedar boxes sold a the craft show, but I still have all the rest.

Walnut, Oak, Maple and Cedar. With contrasting tops and miter keys. Finished with wipe on poly
All in a row

Two Turned Boxes

A couple of recent boxes. The first is turned from walnut firewood. I love saving pieces from the fireplace. It's quite fulfilling to give them new life.   SOLD
Shallow Walnut. 4"in diameter 1 3/4 high. Wipe on poly.
The second is sycamore. I had a mistake on the top of the Sycamore, so I added an inset of Walnut. I think it worked out rather well.  SOLD
Sycamore & Walnut. 2" in diameter 4" high. Wipe on poly
Sycamore & Walnut. With lid closed