Sycamore Goblet

Block O Sycamore

Cut to about 8" on band saw

Rounded out with roughing gouge. added 1/4 tenon for holding in chuck

Then I used the division to drill out a depth hole for hollowing.
I put a burr all around the edge for scraping the bowl shape from the inside. 
Here is my hollowing tool. 1/2 round nose scraper. Hollowing endgrain sucks. It just does....
Took forever and I had a hard time getting a nice final shape. The bottom was a bit blocky, but with the lenght of my goblet and overhang of my scraper it was the best I could manage.

I stuffed a shop towel in the bowl and shaped the outside

about 30 minutes of sanding with 100 then 180. Again given the shape, getting to the bowls bottom was problematic at best.

Added some BLO just to see. Not bad.

spindle gouge

detail gouge

All done except a finish. I put a coat of wipe on poly. Will add 2-3 more before it comes inside.