100y/o Redwood Wine-Barrel Bowl

I picked up an old board from a local salvage yard. It was charred black on one side (preserved a bit on the rim) and the lady gave me a good deal on it. I sat under my bench for almost a year before I decided to tackle it.

When I cut into the blank, it smelled strongly of wine. After looking at the growth rings I knew what it was. The vineyards here in wine country used local redwood in the construction of their larger capacity wine barrels. The vineyards have been moving to Stainless Steel tanks for years, and as such I guess this blank is about 100 years old depending on the vineyard it came from.

I left it intentionally large at the base to preserve as much of the wine soaked side as possible (the dark line) and even through the danish oil it has a strong smell of wine. SOLD

That dark line is where the wine stained the wood. Still smells strongly of wine after turning and finishing the bowl.

The rim still has some of the charred marks from the inside of the wine barrel. There are also parts that look like old nail holes.

Used a donut chuck to finish the bottom off.

Claro Walnut Tap Handle

So I picked up a bag of 3/8 threaded inserts to make a tap handle. I have to say. those inserts are a freaking pain in the rear, to not only drive but center well in end grain. Of course I have to credit my poor installment for my first successful tap handle.

Because one of my inserts was driven at an angle during the process, I was left with an off center blank. I decided to turn it for practice, but actually ended up liking it. The flat spot has a nice feel in your hand. Like it was meant to be there.

It almost reminds me of an exclamation point. As if to say, "Beer!"

Claro Walnut 7" CA Finish SOLD

My First Vice

Just bought a bench vice.

How did I go this long without one? I have no idea. I've already used it several times since it's installation (a less than perfect one) Added some maple faces to it and it works like a charm.

Buyer says it's from the 1960's. It's a Craftsman and the stamp on the back shows that it was made in Japan.

Approx 7" opening.

Maple Burl

Maple Burl....At least, that's what the blank was labeled when I bought it for $12. I think I've been had, or this is the straightest burl grain I've ever seen...

Maple 7 1/2 x 2 1/2, finished with danish oil.

Twins. They're Fraternal

My first (non turned) boxes. They're fraternal... 
One is Walnut & Maple and the other is Yellowheart & Maple. Finish is two coats of shellac with #0000 steel wool rub down for a nice smooth touch.