Staved Travel Mug

I have two stainless steel travel mug kits ready to be outfited with wood. Problem? I have no blank large enough to do the job. I would like to point out at that I still don't have a travel mug. I don't want to disappoint the reader. This project was only 1/2 completed. This was not the fault of the wood, but rather the tuner. Regardless... here are the steps I followed until the failure.

I wanted a six sided turning, which equals 30 degrees per cut. It should be noted that I had to do math, which upset me greatly because I'm horrible at it and it makes my hobby less enjoyable!

Anyway, I followed math up with dangerous beveled crosscuts on the radial arm saw. That made me feel better. I used doublestick tape and NOT FINGERS to hold the Maple in place.

All cut with the grain lined up to my liking.

Ran two strips of packing tape over the cut staves.

I was out of yellow glue so I was using Gorilla glue in it's place. I really am not a fan and might attribute that to some of the issues I had later on.

Still the angles game together cleanly despite nasty foam overflowing.

Now what. How the heck do I hold the tailstock end of this thing?

I cut out a rough hexagon and circle on the band saw and fit with sandpaper the stave. glued the hexagon and circle together and used it as a jam chuck in the tailstock.

Worked great.

And this is the last shot of it together. Was using the spindle gouge when the thing just fell apart on the glue line. I tried to reassemble it but given the shape I just couldn't clamp it well enough.

Oh well. Still loads of good experience. Hopefully soon I'll get that coffee mug turned!