Stanley Block Planes

I picked up three Stanley 220 block planes on craigslist. Turns out they were missing some parts, so my stellar deal isn't so stellar but I think I still did okay. Before they are usable I have some clean up to do.

So I spent 4 hours in the garage last night cleaning up the planes and lapping the soles by hand. Really made me appreciate the bargain box of Kingspor sandpaper I got. The amount of sandpaper I consumed was staggering. Even with stopping every 10 minutes to blow out the filings with compressed air.

Okay.. pictures. This was the best looking of the three and a good place to start.

100 grit & 150 grit on either side of an old glass shelf

When I realized how long this was going to take

2 - 3 hours later( I also too the opportunity to flatten the backs of my chisels too. Something that I'd never done) I started at 100, then polished to 240 but didn't get a shot of that.

Plane iron time...

These things are awkward to hold... My kludge:

double stick turners tape

cleaned up nice

At that point my lathe started to whine for attention. She's been an only child for two years and couldn't understand how I spend 3 hours in the shop without even looking at her bench

Madrone knob (tote?) with CA finish.

That's all for now...

What a lot of fun!