Spray Station

I finally broke down and built a spray station in the garage. It's nothing complex, just a simple half hexagon, but should allow me to spray my drums and other small projects I may have in the future. Additionally it breaks down pretty easy.

I started with 1x2 lumber, and cut 6 pieces 24" long. I then mitered all the ends @ 22.5 degrees. That gives me a perfect hexagon shape layout.

I assembled two sets of three segments with pocket screw joinery and then added 3/4" x 20" vertical members. Those were also joined with pocket screws. build time was about an hour and a half with riping, cross-cutting and joining. After that I simply draped a plastic drop cloth over it.

Next I added a lazy susan with a 22" circle cut out of particle board at the band saw.

Now I've got a simple spray station that I can setup on the end of my outfeed table and take down in a minute or two. Hopefully it will increase results on the drums.