Table Flip

I picked up a free table on Craigslist in mid January. It was a solid oak dining table in pretty bad shape. It had a broken leg, and the tabletop was in serious trouble. I wish I had gotten a picture of it before, but I was just to eager to get going...

Got it home and dissembled it.

I decided not to re-finish the whole thing. Just the top. The rest of it looked, okay. Used but fine. The leg was a glued up blank, that was just falling apart. A chisel and a few mallet whacks and the whole thing was in pieces.

I had to re-flatten all the parts on the jointer, and then re-glue. No biggie and it looked great!

Next to the top. Brought it down to bare wood with 40grit paper in about 15 minutes. Then worked my way back up 80, 100, 190, 220. 2 coats of poly (320 grit in between) and then posted it up on Craigslist for $85.

Got a call the next day and we settled for $80. All in all, I had it in the shop for about 5 days I think. Already looking for my next flip.