Unisaw Motor

The last piece of the Unisaw restore is underway. And out of my control.

I finally saved up enough dough to get the motor repaired. I called around town and this was the first place that responded correctly

"I have a repulsion induction motor that is slow to start"
"Did you check the capacitor?"
"Nevermind... Click"

Finally I got this guy who claims to get a couple of these a month.
"I call them unisaw motors"
"That works for me. What do you think is the trouble"
At which point he began describing the brushes and wiring in a way that made me realize he had knowledge of these motors and how to troubleshoot

"I'm not sure if I can fix it, I'll do my best."
"How long?"
"A week or so..."

Not exactly instilling confidence, but certain a stronger base than the other shops! Now I wait, and too my saw waits all cleaned and painted in it's new mobile base awaiting news of it's 1950's motor and how much it will cost.

Man I hate waiting!