More Stoppers

Since the last two bowls I turned died a horrible death on the lathe, I only have stoppers to show. Maybe I'll get lucky next week.

Rockwell Jointer

Scored a 6 inch jointer on CL a month ago.

Decided against a restore, and instead opted for a quick clean up. The jointer was in pieces but I got it for a great deal. $45

Here's the before and after. About 1 weekend of work.

Sold my old 4" jointer this last weekend for $45. So, in my mind this tool was free.

Unisaw Motor

The last piece of the Unisaw restore is underway. And out of my control.

I finally saved up enough dough to get the motor repaired. I called around town and this was the first place that responded correctly

"I have a repulsion induction motor that is slow to start"
"Did you check the capacitor?"
"Nevermind... Click"

Finally I got this guy who claims to get a couple of these a month.
"I call them unisaw motors"
"That works for me. What do you think is the trouble"
At which point he began describing the brushes and wiring in a way that made me realize he had knowledge of these motors and how to troubleshoot

"I'm not sure if I can fix it, I'll do my best."
"How long?"
"A week or so..."

Not exactly instilling confidence, but certain a stronger base than the other shops! Now I wait, and too my saw waits all cleaned and painted in it's new mobile base awaiting news of it's 1950's motor and how much it will cost.

Man I hate waiting!

Picture Challenged

I take lousy pictures.

It's a known fact. Mostly if doesn't matter, as I don't sell my woodworking online. People would see it, like it. They can touch it and feel how smooth the finish is, or how well something fits. It's a tactile experience.

Whenever I show my stuff online, I feel like a novice. The Gomer Pile of woodworking.

"This is really fine looking wood ya'll. The sweet stuff."
"OH... Yeah. Thanks so much."

I'm not claiming to be a great woodworker, but I feel my photos make it look worse than it really is.

Example: This is a birdhouse I turned recently. Here is the BEST shot I could get.

So I built this photo tent last night. It's created from a 12x12x8 cardboard box and two pieces of tissue paper. I brought in my one light and took a few shots.

Now it's not a beautiful picture but at least you can tell what it is! I've got a long way to go and I've received some tips for moving forward. Hopefully in the future my pictures will more accurately display my work.

Of course this means I'll not be about to hide my mistakes as well either! A small price to pay.

Delta Scroll Saw

Delta Scroll Saw model 1200

I picked it up for $25 from a gentlemen who has been using if for the last 20 years or so. By the sound of it he had a few to sell and was cleaning out his garage.

The motor is a century 1/6 hp motor. I've yet to power it up, but it's now second in line for the restore queue. (behind the much needed jointer) It's also the first old tool I've bought that wasn't covered in rust.