More Unisaw Updates...

All parts cleaned and waiting for cabinet completion and reassembly. The fence and other "non-guts" will be done after re-assembly in an effort to maintain my sanity.

Wire Wheel----

Wire Wheel----

Wire Wheel----

I'm declaring the top done for now. Once it's all resembled if the bug hits, I'll give it another goings over...

Rust Removal

It's amazing what can be done to a decade of rust with 4 green scrubbers, a bit of WD-40 and two hours of your time.

Sure it's a bit tiring, but honestly worth the effort!



Cup and Ball

Now you can see what my sphere was for. I turned a cup out of some oak 1x1's glued up into a 3X3 block. Hollowed with a fortsner bit and then cleaned up and sized with a round nose scraper. Sanded to 600 and finished with Mylands.

Ball is a near perfect fit witch makes the game enjoyable even for a 32 year old!