Bottle Stoppers

A while back I posted about the Ruth Niles stainless steel bottle stoppers. They are an excellent product. I made ten and had no trouble getting them into a shop (Once the owner saw them) and there they sat for 7 months. In that time I only sold 2.

This had little to do with the stopper and everything to do with the economy. In order to make a profit I was collecting $13 per stopper. The store tacked on another $13 for them. Add in Uncle Sams portion and a pretty gift turned into a $30 luxury that shoppers just weren't buying.

Enter the new wave. Classic cork stoppers. They aren't anywhere near as fancy looking as the sleek stainless stoppers, but they have an advantage. I can make them for about $2-3 a piece. Now I ask for $6 per stopper and with the shop and Sam we are still way under a $20 bill. Or as a previous boss called them, "Yuppie Food Stamps"

I've been three weeks with this new model, so we'll soon see if the change pays off. I'm rather hopeful.