4 Inch Delta Jointer

I'm now the owner of a used Delta 4 inch jointer. Beyond that I know little about it. I just picked it up on Sunday and haven't had too much time to check it out.

The previous owner said it was her husbands, and that the last time he used it, he lost half his thumb! As soon as I heard that I knew that this was the tool for me! Weighing in at a back aching weight of who the heck knows, I wrestled it and attached stand and motor out of my pickup bed.

After 3 hours of WD-40 and a kitchen pad, I found a shiny cast iron bed and fence. I jointed a piece of pine and marveled at the smooth line it created without even dialing it in. I believe that for my small shop this little beauty is going to fit right in.

Now the real work begins, and for $35, I think I did quite well.