Inside Out Vase

A fun afternoon project. It wasn't that difficult, though I would certainly do many things differently. Mainly the cutting away of the windows section...

Start with a four billets. Since I didn't have that I needed to make some cuts. I ripped a 2x4 in half, then crosscut it to equal lengths.

Next I jointed the edges with the table saw, a straight edge and some double sided tape. A very effective and simple method.

Next I taped all four sides together and took it to the lathe.

Mounted between centers I turned out the windows. I measured 4 inches from the outside and turned a teardrop shape (a bit larger than needed). I then sanded and finished with friction polish.

Next I separated the billets, flipped them all inside out and glued it together. Once dried I planed the ends, though looking back this might be an unneeded step. Either way it's nice to bring out the #5.

Mounted and turned to shape.

I then drilled out the end with a 1/2 bit and shaped and lips.

Sanded. Sanded, Sanded. Sanded. Friction polished, parted off and called it "good enough" and stuck a weed in it for its photo op!

There it is. A few hours and a pretty cool vase. For next time, I would make the windows smaller, use a more workable wood and a steady rest would be a HUGE assets!