Neglecting Table Saws

Don't think I haven't noticed. I used to be your star, your favorite, your only love. But now...well you know. I've been pushed off to the side by that shiny young greeny. Now I hardly get used at all, unless it's to prep some project for you new special tool. Seriously, did you notice that nice clean end grain cut of mine before you hauled it over to the lathe and started slobbering all over it. Trust me the other tools have noticed. The router seems especially pissed off, I wouldn't change his collet anytime soon.

It's no joke. There is some serious venom in the shop. It presence can be felt hovering just over the piles of walnut shavings on the floor in front of my lathe. The table saw is jealous. And with that sort of destructive power at her fingertips it's not the tool to piss off. Why couldn't it be something more benign? Why not the dovetail jig? What retaliation could it take anyway?

"Watch out pal, or you'll have a 60lb jig bouncing off your toe!"

The thing is simply this. The lathe is a blast. I keep telling myself to get back into flat work. I built the world map frame. But I sort of disliked it. I love the way it looks in the office, but the project was a little shy on woodworking and little long on paint and extremely tedious for final assembly. As such the table saw's only duties recently is cutting small pieces for bottle stopper glue ups. It's worlds away from furniture assemblies. And I haven't dusted off the dado stack in months.

All this just to say, I'm getting worried that a serious retaliation might befall me, if I don't put her to some serious work. Sigh... I suppose there are some shop cabinets to be built...