You Turn Me...

How many lathe jokes are there on the planet? Not many. As such my humor on the subject falls a bit off center. I try to turn it round to something amusing, but I'm left spinning out more mediocre fair. Forgive me. I needed to get that out of my system. I suppose, it turned out...okay.

When it comes to woodworking, I've been diverted. An interesting turn of events. The lathe. With the lathe I have stopped working will all my other tools. They don't even exist except to serve the lathe. I bought a drill press, just so I could make pens. There is something so fun about it, one part bliss, three parts bane.

My lathe was free.

With my free lathe I had to purchase $250 dollars worth of 'essentials' which blew my mad money to kingdom come. If you know anything about turning, the spending never levels off. So in order to keep from spending another $200 I didn't have, I decided to spend $60 I didn't have instead on pen making stuff. I also bought $60 worth of pen kits.

So...I now make pens.

I've been giving them away as fast as I make them, mostly without taking pictures. There are about 3 pens that I did REALLY well (Yellowheart, Paduk and an Oak). But I have no photo proof. Shrug

Below are a few of my pens I have taken pictures of.

First couple of slimlines. One is maple... the other, I'm not sure. Nasty splintery stuff.

Slimline style In English Walnut with ergo thingy. My first attempt at a CA finish... Not quite right...

Euro style Oak with English Walnut. My first attempt at a Celtic knot. Got the CA finish down...botched everything else.

So there it is. An addiction that has cost me close to $400, and all I've got to show for it are four lousy pens.