Selling Free

As I mentioned my current Lathe was free. As in, I didn't pay anything for it. As such anything that I get for its sale will be a profit. I'm hopefully selling it tonight. I have been saving. (Truth be told I got some side work and most of my 'savings' came from 4 hours of computer work)

Regardless I'm still about $70 short of buying a new lathe. This is the one I've got my eye on..

For the price the is one of the most feature packed Mini Lathes. Lots of reviews have come out for this unit. Many claimed that when they were first released (2006) they are prone to trouble. Now you scarcely hear that. Considering that this will be my first new stationary tool purchase, I'm not too worried. All my power tools are prone to troubles. What's one more?

For me, since I don't need the 30" between centers that my current lathe offers, smaller is better. In addition it boasts a 12" swing (9 1/2 over the tool rest) . My current is 9", or like 7" over the rest. Plus by upgrading I can get rid of my 1/3 hp outboard motor and take up only 1/2 the footprint of my current lathe.

So I got a buyer coming tonight. I got the lathe all cleaned up and oiled. She runs well, and hopefully I can get the bucks I need for my new toy. Wow. This turning stuff sure does hit the pocketbook hard!