Candy Sprinkle Cake Stand

Prepare yourself for a sugar rush. I'm going to mix glue, cake sprinkles and cherry wood into a bonkers looking cake stand.

I don't think I was quite prepared for how colorful this project would end up or how much of a mess it would leave in the shop! Still, I'm quite pleased with it.

My daughter was the only one who protested... "Dad, you used ALL the sprinkles?!"

The mold for this casting was a discarded piece from my Wine Bottle Light video. It's been in the shop since 2013 and finally had a use. This of course will only give my hoarding gene further evidence that it was right all along.  I clamped it to an HDPE cutting board that I first lined with packing tape.

I decided to try using the left over epoxy I bought for another project, my Penny Serving Tray. It seemed a waste to drop money on more, with that still on the shelf. It wasn't really designed for this application, but it appears to have worked well. (thus far) 

Besides the casting, this is a fairly simple project. Cast the top, turn the base and glue them together. The most harrowing part was turning the edge of the resin.

I was really worried that the epoxy would be brittle and break off in chunks.

Clearly not the case!!

Thanks for looking!

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