Making A Wooden Zoetrope

A Zoetrope is an animation toy that literally translates to "life turning." While I had many challenges on this build, I have to say is it easily one of my favorite creations. I have a particular fondness for toys....

The Coinapult. The Coin Flipping Catapult!

I build a coin flipper catapult, so my daughter wouldn't keep destroying our game boards. She's not great at flipping the coin, so I thought I'd make her something to help out!  As of this point, I think I like flipping coins more than her! 

DIY Hurricane Balls

This couldn't be simpler! I bought a bunch of 7/16" ball bearings at the hardware store. They were less than 50¢ each. I took some super glue and glued them together, and that is it.