Book Tablet Holder

Tablet stand made from a 400 page book and some epoxy resin. Paper micarta is the proper term for it, but it doesn't really capture the essence of the idea. Those 400 pages hold but a single story, and now they can upright a device capable of holding thousands of stories. And with only a book and 30 some odd ounces of epoxy, you can make your own! Just don't use a book that is one of your favorites. Which  honestly is why I picked this one, and the fact that the name was well suited! Really it's the ultimate upcycling!

Confetti Pen

Confetti Blank

It broke, but after I glued all the bits together.... I sorta salvaged it.

Still it was a good idea, and I offer it up to the community.

Copper Etched Box

Okay, I've got a lot of things going on in this box.

First I wanted to give my copper pipe to sheet another go. I think I'm getting the hang of it! This is easier than the first time!

I like the finished project. My only do-over would be the green paint.