Sacrificing to Oops

I originally wrote this post in 2008. It seems oddly applicable today! Is your shop time plagued by a similar scourge?
 There seems to be no shortages of people places or objects to bestow your esteem, regard, respect, approval or reverence. So how is it that I ended up here? Recently I find myself making sacrifices to a god that I didn't even know existed until a few moths back. This god is now the ruling force in my workshop, second to none with the power to change the outcome of even the smallest of event. That's right, the god of Oops.

Plexiglass LED Light

Do you need a geeky plexiglass LED light? What am I saying? Of course you do!

Marble Note Holder

This came out really cool! I was originally trying to create a baked marble effect. (a sort of cracked glass look) Apparently it is not noticeable in black marbles. Which make perfect sense in hindsight (as most things do!)
Finished with wipe on poly, the oak and mulberry seem to go well together!