Selling off tools

I'm officially moved. The upside is a dedicated shop in the rear of the house with nothing but my stuff. The downside is that this dedicated space, is quite a bit smaller than my 2 car garage was, and I don't have room for all my tools.

But I'm determined to make it work... As such I've reneged on one of my cardinal rules: "never sell power tools." Sort of a never say die, when it comes to woodworking.

So as of this weekend 3 of my iron pals, went off to new owners.

Craftsman 12" band saw
Rockwell 6" Jointer

Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Saw

I know it was the right decision, and I've still got pretty cramped quarters, but workable. The dust collector might have to re assigned a new owner, but the table saw, 14" band saw, lathe and drill press are staying firmly planted...

We will remain vigilant!

Moving Shop

My shop is all packed up. I'm moving on this weekend and the garage that has been my only woodworking space will be used for something boring and utilitarian like storage or parking by the new owner.

I'm sure I will be leaving him copious amounts of sawdust in the rafters and layered on the springs of the garage door mechanism. I'm excited about laying out my new shop, but I'm already strangely sentimental about the shop where I first learned the joys of woodworking, woodturning and machine restorations. 

It's been a good little shop. A bit chaotic and cobbled together. I re-arranged it only to squeeze in a new tool I had just scored on craigslist. I never got the dust collection finished, and rarely could find my pencil when I needed it but I almost always enjoyed the time spend working wood.

I'm very excited to layout a new shop and get it set up just so...