Natural Edge Bowl: California Bay Laurel

This is my first NE bowl. It was a bear, and put my little Rikon mini through its paces. I will be hard pressed to want to turn another one any time soon...

Still after 4 major catches and one pitch across the floor I ended up with a rather thick walled 9 1/2" bowl.  If you look closely you can see the glue line where the wing was re-attached.

Finished with Danish oil, blood, sweat and some manly tears.:)

9 1/2 inches wing to wing. I lost some bark during it's various flights off my lathe.

Some cool checking that I really like.

I rough sanded the areas where I lost the bark. Felt like it added to it's character.

Redwood Bowl from Wine Barrel

This is the second half of the board I acquired from the old wine cast. A very simple turning, and hopefully a cherished piece of the wine country for some lucky tourist. SOLD
Some cool nail holes and char marks from the cask.

Approx 7 1/2" in diameter. Still with a strong scent of wine

Bottom with date and signature. Finished with light oil and shellac.