Messy Shop

I've just started following Mike Mahoney's Blog. I found this picture.

I'm no longer concerned with the mess around my lathe...

Dust Collection

I finally decided to pull the trigger. I've had my dust collector for almost two years but haven't hooked it up to anything. It was just a glorified vacuum. So it was a clumsy build, but I hope to refine it as I go...

Where I started

I purchased 40 feet of 4" PVC.

I did the rough cuts with a Japanese pull saw, but cleaned up the end with my band saw.

I was short some fittings, but I wanted to complete a run with what I had on hand. Took me quite a while to get a layout I liked.

All the way down to the lathe. Again, this was an "Add, Remove, Reconfigure" process. Total time for one run and my RAS was about 4 hours.

Now I know what additional fixtures I need and how to complete the second and third runs. I've still have quite a bit PVC left...

Parker Stlye Pens

Buckeye Burl SOLD on Elegant Sierra with Mesa theme.

That stuff is a PAIN to turn. Very soft and unstable. I lost 3 blanks (even with my skew honed on the WS to 4000 grit) Finally nailed the fourth one. 12 or so coats of CA

Spalted Maple SOLD (has some cool green streaks) Elegant Sierra with Mesa theme. CA finish. Stuff was super soft and I ended up just soaking it in with CA Evey few days. Came out beautifully!

The Dainty Dozen

Had to crank out a bunch of new stoppers for the shop I'm in. I love feeling you get when folks show interest in owning your workmanship. It's quite rewarding on just an emotional level!

Walnut, Zebrawood, Purpleheart, Madrone, Walnut, Walnut.

Zebrawood, Tulipwood, Walnut, Walnut, Redwood Burl, Wanut.

All CA finish, and yes. I do have a lot of Walnut!

Claro Walnut Egg

There is a challenge for the fall meeting of the local IAP turners. Eggs. The original intent was to turn only with a skew. I tried. Nothing but pain and hardship! :)

Quick template

Showing off my pretty blank

Sizing up my egg


Last shot of attempt #1. Shortly after this I got a massive catch with the skew and lost the blank

Blank #2. Skipped the skew this time and got much further


Sorta pointy, and the end where I parted from the headstock wasn't perfect. Next one should be a bit more refined.