Block Plane Completed


So I spent about 2 hours with my new addition last Friday:

I took a LONG time to reestablish the bevel on the three 220 plane irons. Since I'm a glutton for punishment I also sharpen my 4 bench chisels and the iron on my Jack plane. All of these bevels were off severely. Now I can cut paper and the tip of my thumb (oops! and ouch!!)

Right when I finished that the mailman brought a package with height adjustment screw and frog (the parts I was missing)

So I put together a plane and test out my labor.

Thin enough?

This is fun...

It made short work of the wild grain on the walnut and after a bit of adjustment got it pulling nice thin shavings. I would call the feel equivalent to 320 grit paper. Which I have to say BLOWS MY MIND.

Anyway. I call this a success. I will totally be looking for frogs for the other two, seems a shame not to complete them after the first works so well.