Delta Unisaw Fixer-Uper

I got an angle on a vintage Delta Unisaw yesterday afternoon.

Called the guy about 5 minutes after the CL posting. He said it was his dads and it stopped working for him late in '09. It had been outside under a tarp since then. Rushed out to his place to buy/ checked it out. No visible cracks and most parts accounted for.

Honestly there wasn't much to do, because after my call the guy got 6 other calls in 30 minutes and one fella offered him double the asking price. I pretty much was like. "Yep it's a Uni. Here's your dough."

I gave him his 50 bucks he was asking and then he and I plus his two kids and his wife hoisted it up into my pickup. It was a riot!

Home safe

Rope was just for show. This thing wasn't going anywhere!

A wee bit rusty

With sawdust from 1952, or there abouts, included!

I've never worked with a tool this heavy, I was flabbergasted! Unisaw extraction team. FIL, BIL, Me!

I plan on a full restore. I'm in no rush to get it done. Luckily lots have come before me and I've found tons of guides and how to's. I'll keep you posted