Delta Unisaw Fixer-Uper

I got an angle on a vintage Delta Unisaw yesterday afternoon.

Called the guy about 5 minutes after the CL posting. He said it was his dads and it stopped working for him late in '09. It had been outside under a tarp since then. Rushed out to his place to buy/ checked it out. No visible cracks and most parts accounted for.

Honestly there wasn't much to do, because after my call the guy got 6 other calls in 30 minutes and one fella offered him double the asking price. I pretty much was like. "Yep it's a Uni. Here's your dough."

I gave him his 50 bucks he was asking and then he and I plus his two kids and his wife hoisted it up into my pickup. It was a riot!

Home safe

Rope was just for show. This thing wasn't going anywhere!

A wee bit rusty

With sawdust from 1952, or there abouts, included!

I've never worked with a tool this heavy, I was flabbergasted! Unisaw extraction team. FIL, BIL, Me!

I plan on a full restore. I'm in no rush to get it done. Luckily lots have come before me and I've found tons of guides and how to's. I'll keep you posted

Missing My Shop Time

This weekend, I'm in charge of the kids. It's not that I resent watching my two young daughters for the weekend, but more that I'm missing my garage.

Friday I helped my brother in law paint some base boards for his house. It was fine, if not a bit of a mistake to try and use my paint gun. It died a horrible death and wasted most of the morning and afternoon. As such I have 10 12' boards drying in my garage and another 10 waiting to get painted.

So... even with that unpleasant shop atmosphere, watching Backyardigans, painting princess party hats and cooking chicken nuggets is more unpleasant. Oh well. Back to the garage on Friday I hope!


How I turned this.

First I cut a 3 x 3 x 1.5 block of walnut.
Mounted between centers, and roughed out the shape of the outside. I then used a 1/4 gouge to free the ring from the block.

I then mounted that roughed ring on the outside of chuck and shaped and finished the outside.
I then mounted the bracelet on inside of the chuck and smoothed and finished the inside.
I then re-mounted on the outside sanded and finished

took about 60 minutes.

This is the dumbest method EVER. Don't do it.

Get a 2/12 forstner bit to drill out the inside radius. mount the thing on the chuck once for the inside, then once for the outside. 20 minutes top.