Wood Run

Two weeks ago I had a very bad day of office computing. I left the office in a foul mood and headed home. If only to keep from going home in such a piss poor mood I missed my turn and head straight out of town. I cranked up the rock and I gave myself a 30 minute drive window. I soon found myself in a rural area. After I'd calmed down enough to be civil to my bride and understanding with my children I started to head home.

On the way back I stopped on the side of the road in the middle of a small patch of redwood forest. On the side of the road was a rather large redwood log and spalted maple branch. Both found there way home with me. Honestly that might have also had a lot to do with my improved disposition!

I just cut them both up yesterday on the band saw. No rot, and some cool looking grain. Not bad for a mad drive detour.