Creating Flat

For the last couple of months, I've been crazed for turning! It's one of those things you just get hooked on. I find the process quite fulfilling. The major benefit is speed. You can finish a project in a day or less. Many of my projects have been small. Pens are a staple for me, but I'm also turning other items. I've turned a goblet, pot handles, door pull, wine bottle stoppers, and even a paper towel holder.

Recently though, I've been thinking flat. I have a ton of non-lathe projects to complete as requested by the wife. In fact the longer I go the more there are. So in upcoming months I expect a sudden upturn in flat woodworking.

First on the list is a frame for our office map. 32"X50". The woodworking is already complete. I used a half-lap joint with poplar, since it will be painted to match the office. It's construction was quite simple and will give me an easy ramp to get back into flat woodworking again. The pens will always be with me, as I'm now selling them. In fact I'm in the middle of a 13 piece order for a shop in WI. It's nice and their sales allow me to buy wood and tools for other projects.
Next on the wife's list

1. Fence with gate for the backyard
2. Cabinet with storage to replace our unused wet bar.
3. Jewelry box. (might even try my hand a veneer)